Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen – medium

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Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande

Length: 14 cm (capped) / 12 cm (unposted) / 15.5 cm (posted)
Weight: 24 grams (with cap) / 13.6 grams (without cap)
Diameter: 13.2 mm (body) / 14.6 mm (cap)
Nib: 14k gold nib (pink gold plated)
Barrel, casing, grip, ring, decoration: AS resin
Grip ring, gold ring, upper ring, rear ring: Pink gold plating on brass
Clip: Pink gold plating on beryllium copper

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Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen – medium


Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen. A new color “LAVENDE,” which was inspired by lavender flowers, will be added to our #3776 CENTURY “NICE” series, which has been well received since its launch.

Nice is a world-renowned resort and tourist city located in Cote d’Azur in southern France. In early summer, Province region experiences its most beautiful season, with blooming fields of lavender that stretch all the way to the horizon.

The light purple lavender flowers, gently blowing in the early summer wind and bathed in soft light, are expressed through a sandblast finish applied on the high transparency resin barrel. Thereafter, sharp accent lines are added through shaper cutting. The pen also features an exquisite pink gold metal trim.

Lavande, the French word for lavender, is said to be the “queen of herbs,” which is highly fragrant and has been prized as a medicinal herb since ancient Roman times for its healing effect. In flower language, lavender denotes “silence” due to the tranquilizing effect as well as its magically strong scent. As the flower language implies, LAVENDE fountain pen creates a sense of calm, inviting one to breathe deeply into writing, making it unique among other NICE models.

It comes with a converter and ink cartridge.

It comes with a blotter card with a serial number the initial 3,000 production lots. 

<About NICE Series>
Nice is a world-renowned resort and tourist city located in Cote d’Azur in southern France. Blessed with a mild climate, beautiful ocean and mountains, the city is also known as the “Bay of Angels,” and has attracted many aristocrats and artists. We have been creating NICE series to express a fountain pen that invokes the contrast between a subdued light and the shimmering water.

<Barrel Design>
It applies a sandblast finish, a process to make asperities on the surface by striking sand grains, providing an opaque glass image.
On the surface, we have cut grooves at the precise angles with shaper cutting, which depending on the angle of the cut, the shimmer of the light changes.

<Slip & Seal Mechanism>
It applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents dye or pigment ink from drying out in the pen; therefore, even after two years of not using the pen with the cap on, it provides smooth, reliable writing. This mechanism allows those who only use the pen once or twice a year writing with fresh new ink.

More info on Platinum official website here.

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Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen – medium
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