Narwhal 365 Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Ebonite)


Narwhal 365 Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Ebonite)
Length: 14.5cm (capped) / 13cm (unposted) / 17.5cm (posted)
Weight: 26.8 grams (with cap) / 13.7 grams (without cap)
Diameter: 13.2mm (barrel) / 12mm – 10mm (grip section)
Filling system: Piston
Body: Red ebonite
#6 stainless steel (gold-plated)
Trim & Clip: Gold tone



Narwhal 365 Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Ebonite)

Narwhal 365 Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Ebonite) was made to commemorate Narwhal Pens’ one-year anniversary. Each pen is engraved with a unique number. These elegantly designed fountain pens feature ink window, fine ebonite barrel and self-made nibs.

The pen also comes in a wooden gift box and leather pen case.

About Narwhal Pens

From the depths of imagination surface a new breed of writing instrument tapping into the stream of consciousness with artistic beauty and elegance.

Started with the passion to create a perfect fusion of art and writing instruments, Narwhal Pens is dedicated to deliver the unparalleled craftsmanship and a unique writing experience.

  • The Brand Started in 2019.
  • Debuted at DC Pen Show in August 2019.
  • Technicians and Engineers with 20+ year experiences in house.

Something unique about us is that we make everything in house. By doing so, we take craftsmanship to a higher level at Narwhal Pens.

Taking a bold step as a new brand, we make our own nibs for our fountain pens. We focus on the quality of our nibs, and make sure they flow smoothly and perfectly.

With an elegant and refreshing design, narwhal pens have caught people’s eyes as the beautiful yet substantial option as their fountain pen.

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Narwhal 365 Limited Edition Fountain Pen (Ebonite)
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